Answers to some common questions


Planning for a trip is crucial, from your flight timing, place of stay and duration of your stay.


Travelling around a world requires documents as requested and according to the norms of the Country.

What to bring?

Following the thumb rule of packing is the way to go, Needs over wants & only what you'll actually need on the trip.


Well your planning initially starts from the time you’ve decided to go on trip. You can start your planning by checking your schedule, and making way for the trip, either by postponing or finishing any work 2 days prior to your trip!
Be sure about the dates you’re choosing for the trip and make sure you have a meeting with our team to have a seamless experience with Hindustan Travel & Tours!

We love to recommend carrying only the essentials, however certain products are banned in certain countries. 
Please make sure you ask us about the custom restrictions of the country your planning to travel to.

Different countries require different documentations while travelling, some of the generic documents that you should always keep are- 
– Passport
– Visa documentation
– Boarding Pass
– Declaration form


You can have a printed boarding pass before entering the departure lounge, but make sure you collect your original boarding pass after showing your printed copy at the ticket department present in the airport.

Of Course, we love doing the paper work for you! Anything to make your trip more enjoyable and not filled with boring paper work.

The country your travelling to.
Whether you meet the criteria of the requirements of the country you’re visiting.
Passport restriction.
Any pending court hearings, legal cases etc.

An Important Note About your Next Getaway!

We respect an honor your need of a getaway from the daily cycle, and we completely understand your expression of keeping your travel and touring needs to be hassle free and fun. We love travelling and travelers! Hindustan Travel And Tours - Your Travelling Partner!

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