Our Story

Both of our Founding father's have had on field experience in Travel & Tours for more than 3 Decades. Working in well known companies like American Airlines & Oman Air. The Company's goal is to use his experienced and enthusiastic team to deliver the marvels of travel and tourism, and satisfy our clients.

Our Mission

We strive to be the highest rated Travel & Tour Agency in India! We love to be the best in class, when it comes to offering travel and tour services to our clients, at an affordable price. We believe in staying connected with all our customers and clients through out their entire journey, helping them along with any hurdles they might stumble upon. We Love the work we do of providing our clients with the smile they've been wanting to get after getting back from their journey!

Our Team!

With over 6 Decades of cumulative experience in different multi-national companies, our founding fathers are one of a kind & dedicated towards the success of our agency. From guiding our clients to make the right decision to answering after sale queries. They've embedded their names along with Hindustan Travel & Tours into the hearts of all of their clients.

Mohammed Arif

Managing Partner
Mohammed Arif began his studies at the Oxford Academy majoring in Travel Management and Advanced Course and completed his degree with determination to start his career in travel management. Arif's carreer began in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in Jeddah and Al Khobar. He then went to India in 1996 and started working in World Inguide Travels as an International Sales Supervisor till 1999. Later on he joined KLM, now known as Irfan's KLM, and worked there with dedication as a counter sales consultant and as an incisive person, advanced his way up to a Senior Sales Account Manager till 2017. Having gained great visionary, he joined Oman Air from 2017 and left with position of a Sales Manager in 2019. After obtaining enough experience, he took an interest in the Indian market and got into Hindustan Travels and Tours and now holds the position as the Managing Partner of the firm. Arif believes that dedication and hard-work takes one a long way. His experiences made him enagage better with his clients as well as his colleauges which strenghthens the realationships. He aims to deliver consistent results and create effective busniness.

Mirza Yaseen Ali Baig

Managing Partner
Baig's career in travel commenced from 1990. He started working for a domestic airline in India. He worked his way up to hold the position of Country Manager in Ameco Travel agency, company based in Saudi Arabia with operations in KSA, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi where he had an incredibly insightful experience of working as a GSA for Trans World Airlines for a decade. From 2002-2018 his career and experience advanced whilst working for American Airlines. The Passion and experience with Tourism and travel seemed to find their ways for Baig and thus was Hindustan Travels and Tours founded. Baig believes that success never really lies in handwork but also requires teamwork. He believes in building strong relationship not only with his colleagues but also his clients. His goal is to use his experienced and enthusiastic team to deliver the marvels of travel and tourism, and satisfy his clients. Baig loves Travelling & Touring different countries and does various case studies in different countries to give nothing but the best consultation services to his clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our frequently asked pre-sale questions asked by our clients.

Absolutely, we take pride in planning and taking custom tailored packages to your travelling and touring needs. We specialize in group travel and tours to different parts of the world. Your free to contact us our lines are available 24/7.

Yes! Absolutely, we use Payoneer® to process your payment, however we charge 3% for internet handling fee and 2% for depositing it into our company’s bank account.

We would love to organize the entire flight route for you, but we require you to let us know at least a month prior before we can move forward with your request!

Touring with a team is always an experience one should remember and look back upon! Of course we provide discounts on team travelling and touring! Contact us today, to know more!

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